La Verrière – Chef Pierre-Alain Garnier – Hôtel Monsigny – Nice

(Version française)

La Verrière : a frank and genuine gastronomy. Chef Pierre-Alain Garnier, with a Tropézien and very Riviera background (Lily of the Valley, Hôtel de Paris Saint-Tropez, Hôtel Impérial Garoupe Antibes, Monte-Carlo Bay, etc.), has made this new address, located in within the Hôtel Monsigny, an essential stopover not to be missed in La Liberation district.

He left his beautiful lands on the Tropézian peninsula for a new adventure and to take part in a grandiose project transforming the Hotel Monsigny into a 5-star luxury hotel with a major gastronomic table. The shrewd and ambitious owners Claudia and Bruno Pedroni, who bought the adjoining hotel, have already begun the transformation which seems promising in a truly arty decor.

While waiting for the complete realization, the chef offers at La Verrière, elegantly refurbished for the occasion, a seasonal, sincere and comforting cuisine that goes straight to the heart, where everything is there for the pleasure of senses and taste buds.

Everything can start with a creative, refined and perfectly executed cocktail, such as the Nut Cracker (Bourbon Bulleit, Infused walnut caramel, Bitter nuts) or the Nymphéa (Absolut Vodka infused hibiscus, St Germain, flower honey syrup, lemon juice ) which are accompanied in harmony by soft and crispy fries of panisses with truffles. Let yourself be seduced by the seasonal suggestions to discover the full gastronomic amplitude of the chef.

To start, the Declination of artichokes, smoked duck breast and lightness of barigoule is a starter that resonates with spring vibes. The excellent raw artichokes have the frank vivacity and the perfect crunch in the mouth, the artichoke cream brings the ideal sweetness. The smoked duck breast becomes refined and racy meat on the palate and the barigoule foam brings it all together.

To follow, the Ravioli with foie gras, morels and asparagus, foam of mushrooms take you into the world of gourmandise and comfort for your taste buds. These ravioli, with their delicate dough, are bursting with the sensuality of foie gras which explodes in the mouth, the morels deliver their warm forest flavors, the raw and roasted asparagus bring the double texture that punctuates the plate.

Cod, parsnip purée, chestnuts in Noilly Prat emulsion, the fish, steamed and not overdone, is plumped up with the tasty Noilly Prat emulsion which brings to mind with delight the flavors with the good taste of yesteryear releasing emotions. Small carrots, whole or in chips, orange or purple give a punch. Smooth mashed parsnips, roasted chestnuts and crunchy hazelnuts make this dish a nice transition from the winter-spring taste palette.

To finish in a dapper sweetness, the Lemon in Harmony pulses in well-known acidity and perfect balance between a lemon pie and a revisited and destructured Key Lime Pie: lemon cream, lime jelly, two lime ice cream, biscuit powder and upside-down meringue.

In the evening, the subdued atmosphere is pleasant and elegantly accompanied by a soft jazzy musical atmosphere. For lunch, the dining room is at the forefront (yet preserved) of the bustling neighborhood and its vibrant La Libé Market.

The service has the charm and kindness of beautiful family pensions under the watchful eye of its director.

The wine list should expand, in the coming months, to be in tune with the cuisine.

La Verrière by chef Pierre-Alain Garnier is undeniably a special address in Nice, which is good to know to shudder intensely with the pleasures of the good and the real.

Starters €12 to €13 – Mains €21 to €24 – Desserts €11 to €12 – Menu : appetizer – main course – dessert €40

La Verrière – Hôtel Monsigny

17, avenue Malausséna – Nice.
04 89 74 91 58 


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