Le Bistrot Marin – Nice

(Version française)

We had known Mon Petit Café, located right next to the very gourmet and neighboring Le Séjour Café, two establishments signed by the Geille family, restaurateurs with iodized blood from Brittany and a great reputation. Today Mon Petit Café is no more and gives way to Bistrot Marin, out of a desire to give a new dynamic and identity to the establishment. The children of Renaud and Marilène manage their respective businesses with sincerity and enthusiasm (Marina at the Séjour Café and Robin at the now Bistrot Marin).

The warm decoration is that of an apartment of a former long-distance sailor, filled with memories, who would have finally landed after so many years of adventures without any shipwreck… In the kitchens of this house « by the sea », chef Gary Mesguich offers well-prepared dishes, spiced up with sea spray. Proposals on the slate change according to the catch of the day, which are still quivering with vivacity, and seasonal vegetables. To start in tune with the tides and the aperitif, why not let yourself be tempted by a selection of Sentinel Oysters, direct from Cancale, with an invigorating, refined flavor and textured at the same time.

As a starter, the Soupe d’Étrilles Extr plunges you into the depths of a concentrated taste of these small oh so characteristic crabs , the hint of chilli punches the palate with pleasure and the brazed rust in a beautiful combination.

The Fricassee of Razor Clams has a nice firmness to its mache, reinforced with hazelnuts bringing the crunch in the mouth, the parsley is fine and not too marked to let the razor clams express themselves.

The carefully cooked Mediterranean Octopus gives off its Greek identity accompanied by the velvety hummus, the herbaceous vinaigrette and crushed tomatoes pulse it all with freshness without covering the elements.

To follow, the Cotriade Vue sur St Malo is a fisherman’s pot returning from a fishing campaign, like the idea of ​​a bouillabaisse, with different fishes, mussels, shrimps and potatoes.

The Linguine with Bottarga have the good taste and the creamy delicacy of the pastures, the bottarga brings all the iodized power of the Mediterranean.

The Roasted Bar Pavé & Artichoke Ravioles is cooked in a classical way, leaving it its personality, the lemon butter has the comfort of the pleasant dishes of yesteryear, the artichokes are crunchy with pleasure and the ravioli follow wisely. Meat lovers will be satisfied by the choice such as Rabbit Mustard and Homemade Purée or the Tradition Veal Liver.

For desserts, you can count on the Vraie Crème Caramel, which takes you back from the first bite to childhood and reminds you of Grandma’s inimitable crème caramel. The Exotic Fruit Pavlova is light with its meringue, invigorating with the exoticism of mango and accomplished with tasty ice cream. The Orange Sanguine Cheesecake is revisited in layers in its stemmed glass where all the elements are tasted with an agile spoon.
The wine list, with a judicious selection of sharp references, knows how to be wise and well advised.
The service is one of a warm family home punctuated with delicacy by Robin.

And recently, the Bar Marin, located just opposite, is the oyster bar and seller with the beautiful added flavor, which offers oysters and shellfish of excellence to taste on the spot or to take away.
The Bistrot Marin, allows you to experience the sea differently: with confidence and without any waves.

Starters €11 to €19 – Dishes €24 to €28 – Desserts €9 to €13 –

Oysters and Shrimps Tower €35 to €78

Le Bistrot Marin

11, rue Grimaldi –

06000 Nice

Tel. 04 97 20 55 36


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