Les Agitateurs – Samuel Victori & La Merenda – Dominique Le Stanc – Nice

A 4 hands dinner in great friendship and perfect balance with a sunny and gourmet cuisine.

(version française)

The young Michelin star chef of Les Agitateurs, Samuel Victori with a fabulous contagious passion of an impish and hitting cuisine, received for a unique dinner in sincere simplicity, the emblematic chef Dominique Le Stanc of La Merenda Nice (who left his two Michelin stars for becoming the happy and relieved virtuoso of a beautiful and precise Niçoise cuisine in his lovely and tiny establishment, where the bests gourmets and the greatest chefs crowd shoulder to shoulder to experience his Merenda).

The two chefs proposed a menu that twirled between the sweet modernity of local seasonal products and the pleasant efficiency of a reassuring classicism which knows how to comfort the taste buds.
Two generations, two cuisines that have supported each other in gentle harmony.

It all started with a brioche to share, delicious to die for in the limbo of gourmet pleasures, served lukewarm, the thin slice of guanciale on top melts with happiness, which releases all its gourmandise. The herbs of the Garrigue enhance the whole thing with the song of the cicadas in your head. The very refined seasonal cocktails are in perfect harmony with appetizers, such as Le Beetroot fizz (Gin 44, beet juice, rose water, tonic, elderflower). Everything can be savored in one delighted and satisfied bite: the smart little dauphine potatoes with truffles, the octopus skewers with the flavor and soft texture of a Takoyaki, the small crispy cushions with goat cheese, honey and lavender, the scallops in its purity, turnip and truffle

It was Samuel who launched the first phase of tastings with the Gamberi de San Remo in iodine filigree wrapped in the milky sweetness of mozzarella, the prawn head vinaigrette becomes a concentrated condiment and balances the fresh crisp of the spring onion and fennel.

Dominique, meanwhile, begins with a sure winning and flattering trio that shower the palate with frank and comforting pleasures, like a summer sunday morning with a sunny side up egg, bacon cream and truffles.

For the second time, Samuel takes us delicately with a creamy beetroot risotto wonderfully enriched with gorgonzola.

The red mullet topped with the sea urchin delivers iodine in potency and the hare à la Royale sauce gives to the plate an evident panache, the pumpkin tortellini is like a voluptuous candy.

Dominique’s duck puff pastry with foie gras sauce can be eaten almost in a single bite and brings back memories of the great and beautiful gastronomy of yesteryear.

The vanilla roasted pear freshly prepares the second dessert chocolate caramel.

Chefs Samuel Victori and Dominique Le Stanc found themselves with sincerity in this subdued and gourmet menu, a beautiful association of styles in sweet unity.

Les Agitateurs –

24 rue Bonaparte

06300 Nice

09 87 33 02 03

Le Garde Manger des Agitateurs

34 rue Bonaparte

La Merenda

4, Rue Raoul Bosio

06300 Nice


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