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The Monte-Carlo Hospitality Group and Michelin Star Chef Antonio Salvatore set to conquer America… The chef, associate and partner of the Monegasque group who already owns and manages two prestigious establishments in the Principality – the institution – Rampoldi (which celebrated 75th anniversary) and La Table d’Antonio Salvatore (the immersive Table du Chef) – recently opened two restaurants in the heart of New York : Casa Limone and Atlantic Grill.

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Monte Carlo Hospitality Group (MCHG) is a collection of restaurants and different gastronomic experiences with a Mediterranean flare, designed in a perfect idea of ​​luxury hospitality inspired by Monegasque elegance and savoir-faire. Decoration and atmosphere is always luxurious, opulent and refined, telling a story of a place, a universe and a culinary inspiration.

After having opened last june Casa Limone, a casual elegant restaurant filled with the authentic gourmet flavors, sight and scent of the South Italia with a New-York vibes, located a few steps from the emblematic Rockefeller Center, the chef and the group inaugurated, last October, a second address, this time in the heart of the highly prized cultural district of Lincoln Center : Atlantic Grill.

This New York institution, a true temple of fish and seafood, has been completely revamped and revitalized by the chef and the MCHG, giving it a new sunny identity from the beautiful Mediterranean.

The decoration has been redesigned, highlighting an amazing New York spirit: the metal beams take up the base of the constructions of the skyscrapers from the beginning of the century, the red bricks recalls the townhouses of the chic districts, sparkling chandeliers are a twinkling nod to the nearby Metropolitan Opera, and curtains bring a certain theatricality to the whole room. The tiling of the second room is reminiscent of the long corridors of the metro, and the rounded red leather booths bring this side so warm and so typical. The subdued lighting is judiciously intimate and creates a beautiful atmosphere. As soon as you enter, you are captivated and gripped by the incredible portrait of President Abraham Lincoln, directly and entirely hammered into the white brick wall « Scratching the surface » (a work of art designed by the Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto – VHILS), the long bar, punctuated by its luminous wall reflecting the bottles in transparency, reinforces this impression of a New-York loft and invites you to settle down, relax and discover the selection of house cocktails.

Chef Antonio Salvatore brings all his solar and vibrant cuisine, inspired not only by his native Italy, but also by a New York City rich in cultures and mixed flavors which have given all the identity to this gourmet, fascinating and energizing city. The menu takes you up to the expected seafood and raw bar, as the famous « Fresh Catch of the day » but also to the American standards with delighted Mexican, Asian or Mediterranean flair.

The very refined and subtle cocktails draw up the distinguished universe of this place, such as the Atlantic Love with a fruity and spicy taste of whiskey, passion fruit and cherry, and goes perfectly with the starters to share : a true pallet of colors and flavors.

The Mediterranean Salad brings you the freshness of an exalting summer night, with its tomatoes, cucumber and feta cheese twisted with coriander.

The suave jalapeño Guacamole knows how to be unanimous with its plantain chips that you dive in with passion. Tuna Tacos are bursting with endless pleasures and cheerfully tasted in a single bite. Atlantic Grill Beef Tartare is certainly an Umami moment of the tasting: the meat tasty and tender from its origin and the egg yolk melts marvelously in the mouth, the truffle sensually seduces the taste buds, the sea urchin and the hint of spicy miso mayo hit every spots. The buttery brioche, signs the whole thing in ecstasy.

To return to the sweet reality of tasting, Sushi, rolls and Sashimi sharply prepared in perfect tradition by a Master Sushi, intervene in connection with iodized freshness. Japan is not so far. The freshness of the fish goes wonderfully well with the divine lukewarm rice with a prefect melting crunch.

The Red Snapper in Tempura makes its « solo fritto » show by presenting itself from head to tail reconstituted from its fried pieces in fine tempura. It’s fun, easy to pick and can be dipped in teriyaki-tamarind sauce;

To continue, Ravioli Atlantic Grill makes you relive your trips to Rome or Naples with passion and delight…. these ravioli with such a delicate dough, stuffed with Maine crab, gives you this unreasonable desire to never stop. The creamy cognac lobster sauce enhanced with fresh lemon thyme links it all together for an enjoyable moment of « Food happiness ».

For « globe-trotter » palates, the Curry saffron-anis Shrimps will take you farther afield, to India… or a few blocks away to « Little India ». The dense-fleshed shrimp keeps all its personality with the heady curry sauce rounded off, as it should be, with coconut. Saffron Spicy Chicken is impregnated with the flavor of tandoor ovens, served in a cast-iron casserole dish, hiding in the transparency of a Papadum (this thin pancake of urd beans that is eaten, generally, as an aperitif or as a snack), which gives a crispy moment and the luscious mango-jalapeño chutney delivers a mix of peps and soft delicacy.

For desserts, what could be better than discovering a regressive and comforting selection like Crunchy Fritelle (house made churros), with its perfect « crunch » to dip in a hot chocolate sauce, or the Atlantic Grill Gelato Assortment (vanilla milk chocolate, coconut, lemon ginger) served in sticks, bringing this little « bit » of childhood and sweet madness, where everyone gives it a bite with casualness and frivolity. The mischievous Lychee-lotus Cheesecake and rose sorbet is airy and a perfect gentle finish.

The wine list is classic Italian, Californian and French.

The high-end service is very attentive and warm. Director Alex Teisanu will know how to receive you with precision and attention. If you have the chance to dine when Chef Antonio Salvatore is in New York, you will be welcomed like a friend, with all his generous, cheerful and charming personality, and you will experience a unique moment.

Atlantic Grill, to be experienced for a romantic dinner or with friends, is a fascinating journey through the fantastic culinary facets of New York with a Mediterranean spirit and is made to live a moment of deliciously accomplished gastronomic freedom. It is in an elegant and chic atmosphere where you will discover all the virtuosity of the chef Antonio Salvatore in America.

In the coming months, other projects and openings are planned in New York, such as Rampoldi NYC and its adjoining café and « couture pastry shop », which will deliver refined French and Italian pastries and will offer a full-service restaurant experience alongside the shop to pick up fresh bread and sweet treats.

Chef Antonio Salvatore and the Monte-Carlo Hospitality Group perfectly demonstrate the very special bond that unites the Principality of Monaco and the city that never sleeps.

Starters 17 – 54$ – Sea Food Tower Atlantic Grill 155$ – Sushi and Sashimi 7- 21$ –

House Specialties 26 – 74$ – Desserts 14 – 18$

Atlantic Grill

50 W 65th Street, New York, NY, 10023


Monte Carlo Hospitality Group


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